Group Health Insurance

Offering, Group Health, Ancillary Benefit Plans Insurance or Retirement plans is crucial to grow your business and retain employees.

When you offer these employee packages you can attract better employees.

Lower your employee tax liability.

Lower your workers compensation claims and cost.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company’s budget is for the employee benefits package.

We can find the best options to offer to your employees, based on your line of business.

Think about these needs for you and your employees:

  • Accident Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Cancer, Critical & Chronic Illness Insurance Coverage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance (Long & Short)
  • Hospital Confinement & Indemnity Insurance
  • Cancer, Critical & Chronic Illness Insurance Coverage
  • 401k
  • Replacing wages or Savings
  • Covering Household Expenses during a medical emergency
  • Covering Insurance Co-Payments
  • Life Insurance

Contact us to schedule an initial meeting to review the options available.