Home Owner Insurance

Your Home Owners Insurance policy shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Your home could be by far the most important investment you will most likely make in your life time, and cutting coverage’s on your home insurance just to save money it’s not the best idea.

That’s why is really important to make sure your home owners policy is structure correctly, even if it costs you a little more per month, but in case of something happening to your house you will be more comfortable knowing it will be covered.

Perfect example with one of our customers.

“CPT – Pipe inside main level bathroom wall leaking which has caused water damage to bathroom, kitchen, living room and 3 bedrooms. 2 bedrooms have carpet/pad and master bedroom has hardwood floors. Tile in kitchen and bathroom. Laminate flooring in living room.”

It took two months for the entire repair to be completed; therefore, the insurance company “Nationwide” also paid relocation for that period of time.
The total payout from Nationwide was a total of $110,000 USD.

The policy was structure correctly by one of our associates and the claim was paid. Please make sure not to reduce on your coverage’s just to save money up front, in the long run may be worst.

Something you should know!

Earth Quake and Flooding damage, is not covered by your Home Owners Insurance Policy