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Our Vision has and will continue to be of Helping families generate an income. Working with Real Insurance Professionals. Whether you are a Personal Lines Insurance, Life Insurance , Commercial Insurance Professional. We are here to stay!

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We really need to understand the real value of Life Insurance Ownership. The correct Life Insurance Policy can provide the following additional benefits. * Access to cash if diagnosed with one of the following medical conditions *Terminal Illness *Chronic Illness *Critical Illness This means you can have access to your death benefit when you are still alive to help you move forward financially. Creating your own Bank. *Using the Tax Code (GAO 1990 Tax Treatment of Life Insurance and Annuity Accrued Interest) when your insurance agent designs your permanent or IUL Insurance Policy you could create your own bank; you can have access to cash that can continue to pay out dividends or compound interest. This strategy can provide you access to cash that you can use as you please.