Welcome to Leto Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

It has been our goal to help Independent P&C & Financial Insurance Agents expand their markets and knowledge, while providing their customers with the best companies, and products available to protect what matters most to them

Our P&C Associate Agents are able to obtain direct binding authority with major insurance carriers in the industry, and maintain full control of their book of business.

What do we offer our P&C Associate Agents?

  • Direct Binding Authority to Major Insurance Carriers.
  • Agency Management System.
  • Corporate Email Monthly
  • Training with Appointed Carriers.
  • Profit Sharing (This year we paid over $40,000.00 on April 1st 2022 to all of our Agents)
  • Your Book of Business.

Life Insurance Agents

Our Life Agents are able to focus on understanding how to use the best products available in the financial industry without having to recruit their customers.

  • We are NOT a Multi Level Marketing Agency.
  • Weekly Product Training.
  • Advance Product Planning Strategies
    • Buy and Sell Agreements
    • Business Succession Planning/Funding
    • Executive Bonus Plans
    • Business Valuation Service

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