Welcome to Leto Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

Leto Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.

Established: April 2016

Founders: Antonio Gutierrez (President & CEO), Hector Ibarra (VP of Operations)

Our Approach:

At Leto Financial, our unique structure and comprehensive training programs enable our associate agents to cross-sell and maximize their book of business effectively. Since 2019, we've proudly paid out over $1.8 million in commissions, demonstrating our commitment to the success of our agents. Our goal is to develop a replicable business program that our associate agents can implement in their own agencies.

At Leto Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., we are more than just an insurance company; we are a partner in the success of our agents and clients alike. We are dedicated to shaping the future of insurance and financial services by prioritizing education, expertise, and excellence in all that we do.

Leto Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in April 2016 by Antonio Gutierrez with a vision to revolutionize the insurance industry by providing a unique platform that empowers insurance agents to truly understand the perspective of businesses when it comes to insurance. Our mission is to maximize the success of our associate agents by offering comprehensive training and support. In 2018, Hector Ibarra joined our leadership team to expand our operations into the state of Texas, further strengthening our commitment to serving a wider clientele.

Our corporate leadership has seen remarkable growth since our inception. In January 2020, David Zuniga joined Leto Financial to lead the Financial Division. With his Series 6 & 63 licenses, David expanded and helped Leto Financial become an Organization of Business Activities (OBA) partner with LPL Financial. This strategic partnership ensures that both our customers and agents have access to a comprehensive range of securities products, further enhancing the value we provide.

Annabel Martinez Office GM

In February 2021, we were delighted to welcome Annabel Martinez to our organization as the Manager of Operations. Annabel plays a vital role in overseeing all the day-to-day operations, ensuring a smooth workflow within our organization. Her dedication to operational excellence allows us to maintain our commitment to delivering high-quality services to both our agents and clients.

In June 2022, Anthony Lopez joined our division leadership to manage the Group Health Insurance Division. Anthony's expertise is pivotal for all of our associate agents, particularly those with a current commercial lines book of business. His division opens up new avenues for our associate agents to offer Group Health Insurance to their existing commercial lines clients, creating additional value in their service offerings.

In August 2022, we proudly welcomed Rosa Cuen to our organization as the partner and underwriter of our Transportation Insurance Division. Transportation insurance presents unique challenges, especially for agents who are new to this specialized field. Rosa provides an extensive training program for our associate agents, equipping them with the fundamentals of Transportation Insurance. This training ensures that when our associate agents submit internal quote requests to Rosa's team, the application process is well-structured and optimized before being presented to the markets.

Wendy Gutierrz Medicare Insurance Specialist

Wendy Gutierrez

Additionally, Leto Financial is excited to have Wendy Gutierrez and Bianca Rodriguez spearheading our Medicare Division. They are instrumental in creating strategies that help customers understand all the available benefits of Medicare. Their expertise not only benefits our clients but also paves the way for other agents to transition into this space with confidence. Wendy and Bianca's dedication to simplifying the complexities of Medicare is a testament to our commitment to serving our community comprehensively.

In March 2023 our latest partnership with Andre DeGazon in the Professional Liability Division was a critical step forward. It not only expands the potential markets our associate agents can now target but also ensures they have the proper Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage to operate confidently. Andre brings to the table decades of experience in this specialized space, providing our team and clients with the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of Professional Liability Insurance.

As we continue to evolve and grow, our commitment to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our agents and clients remains unwavering. At Leto Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., we are driven by our vision of transforming the insurance industry, one partnership at a time. Our dedication to education, training, and strategic alliances enables us to offer innovative solutions and drive the success of our associates in an ever-changing marketplace. We are proud of our journey thus far and look forward to shaping the future of insurance and financial services for many years to come.

Our Divisions:

Leto Financial comprises six specialized divisions, each managed by dedicated partners who bring extensive industry expertise to the table.

Rosa  Cuen Transportation Division Director  UW

1. Transportation Division (Managed by Rosa Cuen):

Rosa Cuen: With 8 years of experience in the Transportation Insurance Space, Rosa Cuen leads this division. We leverage technology to enhance the training and submission processes for transportation insurance risks. Our agents must undergo rigorous training with Rosa Cuen before gaining access to the market, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet the unique needs of the industry.

Hector Ibarra Vice President  Commercial - Personal Lines Director

2. Commercial Lines Division (Managed by Hector Ibarra):

Hector Ibarra: With over 13 years of experience in commercial insurance, Hector Ibarra heads our Commercial Lines Division. Our top priority is to equip new partner agents with a deep understanding of commercial lines through specialized training sessions. Once trained, our associate agents gain access to user-friendly online applications that streamline the commercial application process.

Tony Gutierrez President  CEO
David Zuniga Financial Division Director

3. Financial Division (Managed by Antonio Gutierrez & David Zuniga):

Traditional & Advanced Financial Planning: Antonio Gutierrez and David Zuniga lead our Financial Division, which is divided into two segments. The traditional division focuses on new agents and offers products like Term Life Insurance, IUL, and Annuities. We pride ourselves on mentoring agents to transition to the Advanced Financial Division, where we work closely with business owners on advanced strategies such as Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Planning, Buy & Sell Agreements, Executive Bonuses, Business Valuations, and more.

Anthony Lopez Group Health Division Director

4. Group Health Insurance Division (Managed by Anthony Lopez):

Anthony Lopez: With more than 6 years of experience in the Group Health Insurance Industry, Anthony Lopez leads this division. We simplify the complex world of group health insurance by breaking down available products, including Accident Insurance, Comprehensive Group Health Insurance, Cancer, Critical & Chronic Illness Insurance Coverage, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance (Long & Short), Hospital Confinement & Indemnity Insurance, 401k plans, Income Replacement, Household Expense Coverage, Insurance Co-Payments, and Life Insurance.

Andre DeGazon Proffesional Liability Director

5. Professional Liability Division (Managed by Andre Degazon):

Andre Degazon: With over 15 years of experience in the Professional Liability Insurance space, Andre Degazon heads our Professional Liability Division. Andre has been managing Leto Financial's E&O (Errors & Omissions) policy since 2016, bringing extensive knowledge of what a Professional Liability insurance contract excludes. This expertise is crucial when working with industries that require E&O coverage, such as legal firms, financial advisors, consultants, real estate agents, and healthcare professionals, among others.

6. Personal Lines Division:

Introduction: Our Personal Lines Division is designed to provide a pathway for agents to gain access to Admitted carriers. We start by allowing them to submit quote requests to our internal team. Once an associate agent has been able to write a qualified book of business based on our partner carrier guidelines, typically involving Package Business and High Limits of Liability, the opportunity for them to obtain direct binding authority may be provided, though it's not guaranteed.